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We offer high-tech and professional services to help you protect your copyrights in the digital environment.



Are you a photographer and have concerns about the unauthorized use of your copyrighted photography on the internet? 
Do you know of a case where your photo was stolen and you suspect a specific person, but don't know what to do? 
Contact us with the relevant case and the information you have, and we will do our best to identify the infringement and the offender on the web. 
Using modern tools and legislative approaches, we will take care of protecting your intellectual property online. 


Once we have identified your digital copyright infringement, we will take care of securing the evidence of it. 
Our team uses advanced and well-established technologies and software, some of which we use to locate and preserve information from a site to a specific time period. This will identify the actual infringement of your rights if the infringer has attempted to delete a post, and we will have available evidence of the infringement to use.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


After we have established the existence of an infringement and the perpetrator, we will send him a letter. In this letter, we will express our desire for a voluntary and timely resolution of the dispute regarding his illegal actions. A few days later, we contact him or his representative, usually by telephone call. In this way, we check whether our letter has arrived and also find out whether he is willing to resolve the dispute quickly and easily, and therefore out of court.

Services: Services
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